Thursday, August 2, 2012

Good golly miss Molly--MScraps is HOPPING!

And, by extension, me too of course. *grins* THREE THINGS for now:

1. Typography challenge: freebie template, or make your own! Here's my layout, with my cutie nephew Erik:

2. New kit! It's called On A Whim, and has a fairly wide range, though most of it is shabby chic-ish. Haven't you ever made a purchase without planning for it, or jumped in the lake just 'cuz? This kit celebrates those moments--whether you made them happen, or they happened to you!

I even had a chance to make a layout (with my Grilled Templates):

And here are some by the crew--by Petra, first:

And by Jenny:

And now for 3.: I also have a new set of layered patterns out for commercial or personal use: Patterns 3: Retro. These have the usual 20% off for new products on them, but THIS WEEK ONLY, all my commercial use stuff is 30% off!! Good deal!

I hope you have a marvelous weekend--and don't forget to do something out of the blue! =) Just to keep you on your toes... ;)

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