Thursday, August 16, 2012

This Right Here!

So, a new kit at MScraps--This Right Here! Almost everything is made of arrows, even the flowers, hehehe =) But not the brushes. The brushes are hand-drawn...

And really, some awesomely fabulous layouts from the crew:

By Romy:

By Sandrine (with Double Masks):

By Julie:

By Li Li:

By Petra:

By Jen:

And by Lisa:

Fun fun fun!! =) This Right Here is on sale through Sunday, 20% off as usual. Don't miss the other sales, especially on paper--I have a HUGE pack (100+ papers) for half off!

Hope you have a great weekend! I was afraid we were going to get a heat wave (85F/30C), but then it decided to remain civilized at 70F/21C. Gotta love the coast!

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