Thursday, March 14, 2013

CU/PU Brushes 2 & 3: Branches

Some gorgeous brushes to play with--great for augmenting photomasks or background papers:



And some lovely pages by my new and old CT members:

By Astrid:


By Julie:


By Jen:


And by Vera:


I hope everybody has a great weekend! I'm going to try and recover from going to the dentist's, and having a tough week with Allen's school--lots and LOTS to do there! Plus, I made a couple of pretties:

These are both from a design by Eni Oken over at, which I've found super-helpful as I start out. If ever you want to see all my jewelry, please do check out my Etsy store, or more informally, my FaceBook "store"!

I hope to make another in purples this weekend! =)

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  1. Heather, your brushes and bracelets are wonderful! You're incredibly talented :)


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