Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hi Energy!

Just for a change, BAM! Here comes high energy, inspired by my not-so-little-anymore boy who was running around one day, at the top of his voice--the alternate name for the kit was "Headache." *giggles*

Anyway, here it is, Hi Energy--a huuuuge kit with a ton of doodles and fabulous wordart and vibrant papers!

And boy oh boy did the CT crew pump out some gorgeous pages! By the way, I'm pleased to announce some new team members: Jen, aka Sarah Whithers, Astrid, aka AnikA, Jo-Anne, aka Jo~Anne, and Gen, aka LimeFreckle. Karen, aka justk, has also jumped back into the fray!

By Astrid:

By Julie:

By Gen:

By Jo-Anne:

By Karen:

By Jen:

And finally, by Lisa:

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

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