Thursday, August 15, 2013

16/08 - Starry, Starry Beach

So you may remember Don MacLean's song, "Starry, Starry Night", and know that it's inspired by Van Gogh. As it turns out, MacLean is my maiden name, and Don MacLean is something like a 9th cousin. Heh. =) But I had both Van Gogh and Don MacLean running through my brain when I came up with this kit!

This can be either bright or subtle or anything between--it's got a lot of brushes and soft blended papers that will help you scrap anything you have that might be beachy! Starry, Starry Beach is 20% off through Sunday at Mscraps. Additionally, we're having a big summer sale, so other products of mine are anywhere from 30% to 40% off depending on which coupon codes you use! Use "summer30" for any purchase up to $20, "summer35" up to $30, and "summer40" for any purchase beyond $30. Great time to stock up! New products are not included in that sale since they're already discounted.

And as always, since the most fabulous people are willing to play with my stuff, I have some great pages to share:

By Jen:

By Jo-Anne:

By Julie:

By Vera:

By Gen:

By (another) Jen:

And by Lisa:

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!! =)

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