Thursday, August 29, 2013

PU/CU: Overlays & Masks & Splats

Oops, forgot to post last week's product! *blush* But this week's product is in the same vein... Last week was splats, this week is painty masks! Great for photomasks, backgrounds, mask stuffing... or combining with your own brushes to sell in your own kits. The PU/CU Overlays & Masks 2 are 20% off through Sunday, as usual.

You can really get some cool effects out of these! Look at what the CT have done:

By Vera:

By Jo~Anne:

By Rae:

By Marianne:

And by Ona:

Hope you guys have a great weekend--an extra special one if you're in the States since you get an extra day to play...

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