Friday, November 1, 2013

Rejoice, for International Digital Scrapbooking Day is here! ;)

Seriously, though! It's awesome. And there's some awesomeness forthcoming here, too! But before the freebies, I just want to point out that I have a very cheap little mini-kit that's new at MScraps, called Chill Zone:

 I mean, really--$2.09? Can't beat that!! Plus, it coordinates with all the other November 2013 Memory Mix products from other designers, and you can build your own kit just by picking and choosing what parts you want to get. AND MY WHOLE SHOP IS 50% OFF! (Just in case you hadn't noticed.)

Next, an announcement:

I'm now selling all my CU (commercial use) products at Scrapflower!! I haven't quite got them all re-packaged, but I'm a-workin' on it. Everything is 50% off for a short while! I -do- have some new stuff over there, AND... we have a CU blog train going! It's better if you grab it from my Facebook page,

but if you can't, here it is too:

You can find the full list of participants on the Scrapflower site.

And, Mscraps is having a blog train too, of course!!!

It's also better to grab it on my Facebook page, but again, if you can't, here it is:

To get the full list of participants, please go to the MScraps site.

MScraps is of course having a TON of challenges, and there are a gazillion chances to get free goodies (check out the wishlist post, for example), and it's just a lot of super-charged fun. I might even hang out in the chat room a couple of times. ;) So rejoice... and have a great time!! =)


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