Thursday, March 31, 2016

April's Right Around the Corner...

... and ACK! That means my sweet little boy is turning 13! Not that "little" applies in any real sense. Heh.
Allen with the Soda Bread he made
Meanwhile, on the business front, lots is going on. For one thing, I've teamed up with Tiramisu Design to make the PickleBerryPop free-with-purchase kit this month--buy $10 worth of stuff, and get our kit for free!

Also, I have three new products of my one. Happy Pack 1 is a minikit with fun colors and a lively feel. I had a lot of fun making it, so I'm hoping to do a few more every once in a while. Julie made a wonderful layout with it, too!

Also, during Spring Break while the guys were gone, I had time to play around with smelly art stuff and made some super fun scribblies that are also popping with color! You can find these in my Commercial Use section at PickleBerryPop (but you can also use them in a Personal use manner as well):

 And finally, I mustn't forget to mention that PBP is having a "subscriber push" -- which in my case translates to "get Heather off her butt and make her have a newsletter, with freebies." SO! First step is... freebies! *laugh* I have to get subscribers in order to send out a newsletter, right? And if you sign up for my newsletter, here's what you'll get in your "you're subscribed" welcome letter:

And here's my newsletter link in case you missed all the hints above:

Hope you're in a colorful mood too! ♥

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