Thursday, March 17, 2016

Seasonal Post Number One for 2016

Well, in a quick and dirty update, we travelled across the country, and back, and it was glorious. But it took a whole month and then some (27 days), and consequently I only now feel like I'm somewhat catching up...

Arizona, near the Mexican border

Much of the country we drove through looked like that--huge skies bounded by low but highly photogenic mountains, with flatlands of drought in between (I was struck by how the plants positioned themselves for maximum water intake). Hugely gorgeous and mysterious to this wetlands Swiss/Western Coast girl...

Southern California, right over the Coast Range, with ocean--more familiar landscape!
Well, suffice it to say that lots has been going on--including in my business life. I started with PickleBerryPop, which is where all my commercial use products can be found as well. These are my newest products--and I have a totally new Collection coming out tomorrow, as well!


Vintage 3 - Commercial Use Brushes

And, I'm starting a newsletter! Knowing me, it will be more of a random thing featuring coupons and freebies and updates on scrapbooking, art, photography, jewelry--you know, everything in one place. Anyway, to subscribe, just click the link in the right-hand column all the way at the top, or use this handy link: . I still have to get a list going--right now I only have 2 subscribers... one of which is me. *giggles*

Hope you have a most wondrous weekend! We're having actual sun today, for the first time in a while...

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