Monday, March 24, 2008

Line Drawings and a Freebie

Yikes, that was a long flu! Thank goodness the rest of the family didn't get ill as well--it's hard enough taking care of a well little boy while sick, much less somebody who needs a lot of attention...

This week's challenge @ 2Peas was to do a line drawing of any kind. Being sick, I kind of used the easy route: the photocopy filter (foreground color set to black, background to white). For some reason this picture responded really well to that treatment, and all I had to do was some minor clean-up afterwards, then paint it with a low opacity brush until I liked the results. I chose a thin font (Birch Standard) then stretched it up until it fit the original lines of the photograph--that way, nothing looks cut off. Here's the result:

Heather Taylor, Boredom

But there are many other ways to go. This tutorial by Deke McClelland uses the photocopy filter, then enhances the end product with double cross-hatching, which produces a semi-comic book look.

Here's another by John Sweeney that I'll have to try, so this is also a note to myself.

Wow, and here's another by Stanley Ashbrook that uses the Smart Blur filter! (Don't you love Google?)

And finally, this fabulous one by Melissa Clifton (actually, 2 of them: one for inanimate objects, the other for people--the latter involves actually drawing with the pen tool).

Ooh, can't wait to try those!

And finally, a freebie of those frames and doodles that didn't quite make it through the criteria of Little Dreamer Designs (I've fixed the main objections, anyway!):
Boys and Girls Element Pack. ETA: Element pack is no longer available. Thanks for looking!

Heather Taylor, Boys and Girls Element Pack

And here's a layout I made with the little frame:

Heather Taylor, You and the Dirt


  1. both layouts are awesome, thank you for the tutorial links, they'll be really useful to make backgrounds for my drawings (if I ever go back to that :P).

    hope you're feeling better from your sickness! it seems that it's everywhere :(

  2. Looks great!
    You should consider listing your freebie on

    I think her program has some requirements, like tagging with freebie or naming the preview or something.

  3. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

  4. The link to the download wasn't working for me...I would love to have this.....

  5. I like your work, it is fantastic, but for me the link didn't work too, is there a possibillity to fix?

  6. yes link not working - says the download limit has been reach

    really cute though

  7. Wow, just found your site through digifree. I would love to have this, but the link wasn't working for me either. Is it possible to get it? Thanks so much for your willingness to share your work!


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