Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vinnie Pearce's Book Is Out!

And guess what, little ole me has a layout in it, even... *bounce* The book is called Digital Scrapbooking: The Definitive New Zealand Ideas Book, and I'm bummed I can't point you towards it at Powell's Books, but you can get it at Amazon (soon).

Vinnie Pearce, Digital Scrapbooking

And in honor of all that, Vinnie has a TON of new product coming out today! Here are a couple I made with a new freebie (and if you use it with 100% PixelCanvas product, you get a $25.00 store credit--yowza!) (yep, it's the same set of blocks in both layouts):

Everything by Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. Background is a blend of papers from the Kraft collection, Bucket Full of Sunshine, and Classy Chic Papers. Blocks (window/window frame) from the Blocks Freebie. White grasses from Safari Street, branches from He's Royalty. Boat, wood, and shells from Birthday Boy - Sea. Green branch from The Rose Garden. Wordart from Paradiso.

Heather Taylor, I Am A Boy

Individualism creates its own set of problems!

Everything by Vinnie Pearce, Pixel Canvas. Blocks from the challenge Blocks Freebie. Background paper and paper for blocks from White Foundations. Alpha from purple phase. Truck from Bucket Full of Sunshine. Soccer ball from He's Royalty. Light blue flower from Woodland boys, dark blue flower from School Days. Feather from Romance Me. Tire and little car from Engines Ready. Star button from Babies Blue. Heart circle from Winter SoftiStickers. Font: butterbrotpapier.

Journaling reads: "We went to the children's museum, and you wore your fun new pink raincoat to match your pink crocs, since pink happens to be your favorite color. At several points other mothers told their children "let her play," "it's her turn," "she's trying to share;" and each time, you'd say "him," "his," "he." Finally, you turned to one mother and said: "I know I'm wearing pink, but I'm a BOY." I'm so proud of you for breaking down such societal markers so matter of factly, and for doing your own thing!"


  1. Congrats on the publication! And big hugs to Allen for stickin' to his guns about wearing pink! Good for him!

  2. Love the graphic "i'm a boy". Yes, he is!

  3. Félicitations !!!! Et bravo pour ces pages magnifiques !!!! La première est absolument splendide !!!


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