Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm A Guest!!!

Over at Two Little Pixels! With a beautiful new kit (sez she, modestly *cough*)!

Meet Stone And Lace:

Heather T., Stone And Lace

-10 sumptuously textured and patterned papers
-3 unique frames, including a stone bay window
-3 vellum flowers (with and without shadows for your convenience)
-1 floral spray and 3 dried flowers
-2 satin and lace flowers
-1 stone birdbath, 1 set of river stepping stones, and 1 stone wall
-1 cup, 1 jeweled peacock, 1 intricate shell, 1 white picket fence, 1 lace ruffle
-1 set of 3D swirls
-1 full page overlay, 1 colored overlay, 1 photomask
-1 house number "tag"
-1 stained glass button
-3 pieces of wordart

AND, it's on sale for... (I forget how long *lol*)!

Wheeeee! And there will be a collab too--next week, perhaps?--with Cherpea Designs. Look for something... warm!


  1. Wow Heather - that's one gorgeous kit!

  2. Nothing to be modest about, this kit is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously! It is so well put together, and the elements are... well WOW! Thank you Heather, I'm enjoying this kit immensely!!!!!!!!!

  3. I left a comment before and I think it disappeared! This is a gorgeous kit - I love the layout and want to scraplift it! Julie (aka MaggieMae)


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