Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm baaaaack!

Actually, I got back 4 days early, because DH had the flu the whole time. He was miserable, poor guy!

We managed to have a little fun, though. DH and Allen took the sleeper-train down to Sacramento, and once we all woke up, we went to the California Train Museum there.

Almost too much for the little boy--he ended up spending lots of his time with the wooden train play sets, and watching the toy train layout!

Once we got to San Francisco, Allen and I went to the Exploratorium, where they have a ton of scientific experiments the kids can perform.

Allen particularly enjoyed playing with light and shadows, and building circuits. He did NOT like the Tactile Dome, though, which is a maze through a windowless, light-less dome. We made it about 15 steps through that.

We also went on a Bay Cruise--rode a tourist boat under the Golden Gate Bridge, then saw the backside of Alcatraz Island, the famous erstwhile federal penitentiary.

And of course we had a great view of the San Francisco skyline!

We even got to see sharks in the bay, and ran over a couple of jellyfish. That same day, we waited in line an hour (!!!!!!) to take a totally crowded cable car ride.

Not exactly worth it, and we got a huuuuge sunburn on our nose!

One other trip we too was to the Academy of Sciences, which is mostly a huge aquarium, with a tropical rain forest habitat dome too. Not sure what we're looking at here. *lol*

During our stay we stayed at a fantastic hotel in Japantown, Hotel Kabuki--right next to the big mall they have. It was absolutely GORGEOUS (and, they take dogs!).

I just loved the screen system they had in front of the sliding door leading to the balcony (this is the view from said balcony, overlooking the "mall").

And the art and patterns made everything so tranquil; they also had a lovely meditation garden on the Lobby floor. But I was mostly doing stuff with kidlet, and never even managed to go explore or shop in there. Wah!

It was a long drive back, but we did get to see Grandmama in Mt. Shasta on the way back, which was a nice bonus.

And now that I've cleaned up the cat mess, done 23 loads of laundry (more or a lot less *giggle*), and taken DH to the emergency clinic (where he works *lol*) to be sure that he was really going to get better, I'm ready to design!

Sale ends tonight, by the way (Wed.). And look what a beauty I found in the Digichick Gallery, by one of the Hybrid Chicks, Sylvia, with my 3PM kit:

Isn't that just gorgeous??

Hope you guys all had a great week!


  1. Welcome back, Heather! Love your pictures - it looks like so much fun (if you're not sick!). Hope your DH is feeling better now!


  2. Hi..I'm from Brazil and I am planning to go to SF this august!!! I'm so excited! Love your photos..If you have any tips feel free to email me at
    I will love!!
    Kisses Deca

  3. Sorry hubby was ill during your trip. However, you and Allen appeared to take in a huge number of local attractions which he seemed to enjoy.

    Loved the hotel where you stayed and your photos.

    Hope all are well soon and can enjoy the summer months. Summer finally arrived in Idaho yesterday with the temperature in the 90s.


  4. the screens are very beauithful My bed room is done in Asain I wishe i could fine these to hang in my room thank you for sharing....


  5. Looks like lots of fun! Great photos. Oh, and I absolutely love that cat drawing underneath here.

  6. Isn't San Francisco just the most wonderful awesome?? Please tell me you went to Pier 39 and saw Harry Mason?

    And OMG, that last design is just STUNNING.

  7. Even though you cut your holiday short, you still seemed to pack in a lot! Fantastic Photos and it was awesome reading about your travels. That hotel OMG is wow!! Welcome back :)


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