Friday, September 2, 2011

New: DoubleMasks 2!

I have a new series of double masks out for you, DoubleMasks 2. These are more standard photo clipping masks--but with a grungy floral mask made just for each set so that they peek enticingly around the edges. And of course, you can use any of them as stand-alone items too!

And some CT pages:

By Vera (with Golden Moments):

By Romy (with Winding Down):

By Sandrine (with Simple: Colors):

By Lisa (with Red, White, and Blue):

By Jenny (with Winding Down):

and by Ulla-May (with Healing):

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!! I'm going to be doing some more drawing... =)


  1. Great masks, Heather, and your design team does a terrific job using them in their spreads.

  2. beautiful masks, Heather :) I love how they look kinda grungy (or maybe it's just me, I love grunge style :p)

    ahh, I remember when I learnt about masks in my freshman year. It was like magic :)


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