Thursday, September 22, 2011

Strip Dates @ MScraps

These are some ultra-useful little things (well, not so little as they stretch 12" for the most part), and there are 2 different styles so you can use them on both your clean layouts (check out Sandrine's, below), and your grungy ones. Plus, 9 different pointers! On sale 20% off till Monday, of course!

Some great layouts from the crew:

By Sandrine:

By Jenny:

By Vera:

By Lisa:

By Julie:

By Romy:

And I got in on the action too:


Strip Dates! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend--mine is going to be super-busy getting ready for the art show!


  1. lovely images with your strip dates Heather (glad we got that in context here - did we?).

  2. ...oh, and I did mean to say; have lots of fun at the art show. May it be everything you've worked towards. Look forward to seeing pics on another post from the art show then.

  3. Great dates, these will go perfect with the alpha tempates!

  4. LOVE these Strip Dates! Had to buy them!! Now to go and make some layouts..


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