Thursday, December 8, 2011

Diamond Ice & Water Months - New @ MScraps!

Oooh, I have a wonderful fun kit for you--especially if you like blue, or you have cold pics to scrap! And, while I was making my freebie template this week, I also got inspired to make an element pack for the months of the year. So two things for you guys!!

The kit is called Diamond Ice. It's filled with unusual patterns and elegant styles, and works for both girls and boys, and whatever's not realistic is hand-drawn. I really hope you'll enjoy playing around with it:

I also have the WaterMonths, which are the names of months written into watercolor-like strokes. They come as a black and transparent .png, then you can recolor them, use them as masks, or even paint them yourselves.

And you guys, just wait till you see these layouts!

By Ulla-May (and notice, these are not cold pictures!!):

By Vera:

By LiLi:

By Jean:

By Jenny (with WaterMonths):

By Sandrine (half of a double page):

By Petra (with WaterMonths):

By Romy (with WaterMonths):

I hope wherever you are in the world, you're having a fantastic season!


  1. love the colour tones in this pack; so creative; lots of wonderful patterns and elements to add. Happy Christmas Greetings from me Heather.

  2. OMG! I just love those colors and all these pages are breathtaking!!!

  3. I must say that I'm impressed with the blending of colors. :)

  4. Merry Christmas, Heather darling! Thank you for being you and always encouraging me!

    I have to say I love the colours in this kit, have always loved that purple with aqua. Awesome work!


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