Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Textures, and Some Stitching!

Happy Thursday everybody! Hope you had a wonderful iNSD weekend--I sure did, scrapped my fingers off! And I also cranked out some more textures, this time patterns, and another, lighter, paper texture pack. The latter are just perfect for adding a touch of 3-dimensionality to a patterned paper, did you know? These textures say they're for Commercial Use, but I really mean it's Commercial Use OK (including designing materials, or scrap-for-others/hire)--because they're wonderful for personal use of course. They also look really good over photographs! And, some stitches, just 'cuz... =)

And here are some very fun uses of the stitches:

By Petra:

By Lisa:

By Romy:

And by Jen:

Good layouts for noticing the textures, too!

I hope you have a lovely end of the week... =)

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  1. Wow, these are really beautiful! Love them!


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