Thursday, November 26, 2015

Post-Thanksgiving Sales

I have been a BUSY bee!! So, not only was there that blog hop freebie, but I have been making new stuff like crazy. Here's one thing: Oscraps has this event once a month called the Mini-O's, where designers are given a palette and choose 2-3 of the colors to make packs, which are then 44% off for 4 days starting the 4th Friday of the month. This month the colors made me feel rather festive... and hence, 3 packs of FESTIVE BITS: a mini-kit, decorative papers (those were fun to make, and I might make more of these in the future), and brushes.
As it turns out, the store is also hosting a Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale, and my store is 40% off everything (except one collection, which is off more than that). And I made the ad with one of my new Doodled Corners (#2)--it's so fun to play with!!

 Finally... I have ANOTHER freebie for you, which you can pick up in the store. Something's in the Air... a lot of holiday excitement, I'd say!!!

I hope all of you have had a lovely day whether it was filled with turkey or not (mine wasn't, since I'm a vegetarian, but boy did I have a lot of bourbon-filled, pecan-covered sweet potatoes! *lol*


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