Sunday, February 3, 2008

By The Way...

If you (oh you, my few and far between beloved readers) ever have any questions about how I did anything, please ask! I'm not always sure I'm not just repeating myself...

I did want to quickly post a small preview of Shannon's kit, so you can see how differently it comes out (I'm referring to the Spring Awakens layout in the previous post):

Shannon Freeman, 'Back To School'

As you can see, there's a whole lot you can do with a kit--the entire flavor has changed (well, I think so anyway). I used the pinked paper a couple of ways: as a shape, to cut out the frame for the layout; as an overlay for both the flower pictures, and as the central mat. The parchment paper is what the frame is made of (changed to purple), and it's overlaid on my picture frames, too. The clouds paper is overlaid on the kraft paper--that's what's giving it some texture; I reduced the opacity wayyyyy down so you couldn't really recognize the clouds. I changed the colors on the ribbons by using the selective color slider, which allows you the freedom of only changing a certain range of colors at a time, instead of colorizing the whole thing (though it'll allow you to do that, too). What else... Oh, used selective coloring on the button, too.

I don't download many kits, because once you have a certain kind of something, you can change it in so many different ways as to produce entirely different effects--no use clogging up your storage space with a bunch of similar things!

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  1. now I'kmeven more amazed by your page, I would have *never* guess your piece came out of this kit!

    and loved your word art, you're such an incredible designer :)


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