Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Lonely Roar

Yeesh. I know the digiscrapping has helped my stamp designing immensely, but I'm not sure what it's done to the actual stamping!!! I had the worst time making samples this weekend--only the last one was I pleased with:

Heather Taylor, 'A Lonely Roar'

I stamped just black and embossed in clear over a panel of alcohol inks on copper glossy (or was it gold? Now I'm having a doubt...), then painted the moon with Pearl alcohol ink, and added highlights to the tiger by "painting" with blending liquid, which actually "eats" the pigment and leaves the underlying, lighter color--kind of a neat trick I discovered a while ago. Edged it with Krylon gold pen, mounted it on Stardream (would have preferred the brown, but this dark red didn't look so awful and I'm out of the brown, apparently). Phew! The new sheet should be on sale sometime this week at Art Neko.


  1. Ooh, that's cool! I like the background.

  2. Owaaaha! J'adore! Super chouette dis-donc. Maintenant, je sais plus comment continuer ton "portfolio" - une carte par page. Je vais l'imprimer. C'est tres vital, tres visuel. Chapeau!


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