Monday, February 4, 2008

Invis ble To The Eye

Is it indicative of our increasingly electronic culture that no one commented on the missing i? I kinda was playing a joke in the layout, substituting the frame of the sliding door for the "i" in "invisible", and rearranging Andrea Victoria's quote to align "eye" right beneath.

There's more of a subtext, too, in that I was really depressed in that house, and in fact, during that first Christmas after Allen was born, suffering from heavy post-partum depression, which everybody had failed to diagnose yet. So my "I" was pretty much gone as well, even though what I journalled is true; and I truly did feel invisible, having been thrust from a highly professional teaching career into stay-at-home mother. It's amazing the difference in how people treat you when you're just a mom--despite the protestations that it's "quite a job."

Heather Taylor, 'Invis ble To The Eye'
(As usual, click on the photo to see a larger version and read credits)


  1. aah, I knew something fishy was going on in the title! :p It took me a while to figure out what.

    Love this one, the grey in the background contrasts so well with the colors in the center.

  2. I noticed the invisible in the title was missing an I right away! Don't know if I would have noticed it if I'd seen the scrap page first, because of the column aligned where the I should be.
    I hear you going from "career" to "mum"!!!
    Happier now, but it was quite a change.


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