Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Extraction - And The Photocopy Filter

So, here's the layout I worked on today:

Heather Taylor, 'San Francisco'
(The 2Peas site seems to have exceeded traffic capacity at the time I'm posting, so I'll have to come back to edit it and get the proper image url--sorry!)

So, lots of extraction, which I already talked about in an earlier post. The layout was for the Ad Inspiration challenge this week, and I focused on a Beefeater ad I found in WIRED magazine (June 2007), which had these cool old-timey background images that looked like fine etching prints, coupled with kinda random--on their part--extractions. You can see the original ad at the 2Peas link, too (click on the layout image above). This is so easily done in Photoshop, though of course it's not as fine and precise: just use the Filter --> Sketch --> Photocopy command. Make sure you've got the foreground color you'll want, and fiddle around with detail and stroke size until you like it. Easy peasy!


  1. I love this one Heather! Such a cool effect.

  2. That's really neat! (as are many others on your blog but I have to stop commenting on each one!)


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