Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Layout Catch-Up

New kit coming out this Friday, and lots of school going on as we near the end of the year! So I've been quite busy, though last night we had time for a great nachos & Jackie Chan movie night. Boom! Badaboom! That Jackie sure has the moves... =)

So, oldest to newest--the first one was a response to a challenge on Pixel Canvas (Vinnie has the best challenges!), to frame the focal subject with embellishments. Check. The Year of the Pink Shoes:

Heather Taylor, The Year Of The Pink Shoes

This one even made the Gallery Standouts! Credits: Everything by Vinnie Pearce at Pixel Canvas, from the following kits: Classy Chic, Little Fireman, Time Out, My Drama Queen, The Rose Garden, Young Beauty, Pieces of Me II, and Purple Phase. Font: Handscript Upright. Journaling reads: "Once upon a time there was a little boy who had a pair of pink crocs. The little boy also liked to mix and match impossible colors and patterns, and his Daddy found this immensely amusing. So one year, his Daddy decided to dress up as the little boy for Halloween at the
office. Not having planned his costume ahead of time, however, he could only find a pair of pink crocs about 3 sizes too small, which he suffered through for a day. Whereupon the little boy’s mother, hating to throw anything out, felt she had to wear the crocs (which did fit her) despite the fact that
Note the black socks.
(whenever they wear out)"

Next, a movement-oriented layout, Running & Jumping:

Heather Taylor, Running and Jumping

Everything by Vinnie Pearce @ Pixel Canvas, from her Running And Jumping kit except for a mask from Artistic Page Overlays - Set 02.

Then, 500:

Heather Taylor, 500

For the Friday Scraplift @ Pixel Canvas of Buge's Nature Love.

Credits: Everything by Ashley Kennedy Designs @ Pixel Canvas. Wood paper, bark mat, and "discover" tag from her A Walk In The Woods. Everything else from Funky Blossoms (coming today!), except for the branch (Retro Vintage). Fonts: Problem Secretary, Sidewalk, and Trajan Pro. Journaling reads: "It took 500 years for the nurse log this tree grew from to crumble into dirt and make a hole my six-year-old can climb through. 500 years of coastal winds and rain, 500 years of solitude."

This is a Sitka Spruce--they only grow close to the ocean, in the Pacific Northwest of the North American continent.

Seal Rock (the weather has been so fantastic, lately--temps in the 50-60's, beautiful sun, just enough breeze to keep things fresh--I am so loving where I live!):

Heather Taylor, Seal Rock

Papers from Brief Elegance and Faery Lights (Heather T., Pixel Canvas). Fonts: School Broadway and Switzerland Narrow. Journaling reads: "Seal Rock... is really all about birds. The pelagic birds -- mostly sea gulls of different varieties and Pigeon Guillemots -- all nest on this vast craggy face. We watched as the Pigeon Guillemots came in to their nests, rearing back as they approached so that their bodies became vertical, and their bright red feet found purchase on the rock.

And finally, for another challenge, this time a white space one: Make a layout, and then, group everything together, make the layout smaller, and reframe it. My original layout was the lighter square one. Time Moves On:

Heather Taylor, Time Moves On

Credits: Everything from Pixel Canvas. Background is two papers from Brief Elegance (Heather T.), one of which is overlaid on an Artistic Page Overlay (Vinnie Pearce). Central paper stripe from Art Corner II (Vinnie Pearce), overlaid with tags from Brief Elegance. Central square is another paper from Art Corner II, over a slightly modified Page Clipping Masks Set 02. Blue strips are made with another page mask overlaid with a paper from Always Time (Heather T.). And that's decorated with a tree from the EcoFabulous Collab, overlaid with a paper from Brief Elegance. The clock is from Timeout (Vinnie Pearce), and the swirls are from Decorative Grunge Swirls 02 (Vinnie Pearce). *pant, pant* Font is Butterbrotpapier. Journaling reads:

"Time moves on.
Tomorrow you will hardly have changed,
or the day after; a couple of months
do not show on your face.
When is it that change takes place, then?
Your face is not so different.
Perhaps the nose is longer.
The hands, yes--your chubby, faltering fists
have turned into deft hands and long fingers--
clearly not from my side of the family.
But still your gaze is full of questions,
demanding answers that only you will discover
in time."


  1. Que de belles pages regroupées ici... j'adore ta mouette, tes super crocs roses, ton fils sautillant...

  2. Sigh - honestly, your work is just stunning. LOVE the running & jumping one the most!

  3. mmm, I love the 500 LO. I probably would never have thought about that hole like that! I also really like the textures and colour of the papers. And the black socks and pink crocs...... very classy Heather!!!!!!!

  4. All are lovely -- but the shoes -well... I love it especially the little crown art on the top! It looks so lovely where you are -- it's getting hot and humid here in Atlanta -- wanna house swap for the summer???

  5. I hearby grant you permission to take pink shoes to the Goodwill!


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