Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So What Am I Selling Already??

I'm kind of a ditz, I haven't even shown you what my stuff is at Pixel Canvas! (well, except for the EcoFabulous kit, which is SO much fun to play with!)

Last week two kits came out, Baby Cowslip,

Heather Taylor, Baby Cowslip

and Always Time.

Heather Taylor, Always Time

And this Thursday/Friday (8am New Zealand time, wherever you are) is another kit that I'm really in love with, called Brief Elegance. =)

And now for a bunch of layouts:

Always Time:

Heather Taylor, Always Time

Everything from the Always Time kit.

Precious Moments:

Heather Taylor, Precious Moments

Just a quiet sunset play... For a scraplift of Zwyck's beautiful "For Sara" layout.

Credits: Everything Pixel Canvas. Background (which you can barely see, heh) is a blend of papers from Always Time (Heather T.), as is the strip of paper down the side. Yellow flower and sunburst is from Contemplation (ViVa Artistry). Word art is from Preserve It (Vinnie Pearce, Fei-Fei's Stuff, and Catherine Designs charity Collab), with an extra word overlay (Time and Time Again font). Little jeweled flower from Baby Cowslip (Heather T.).

The Beat Of The World

Heather Taylor, The Beat Of The World

Here's Allen with his new Carhart jacket, digging a hole in the sand with his foot--but it sure looks like he's dancing, doesn't it?

Credits: Everything from the EcoFabulous Collaborative Kit (by the listed designers, plus Ashley Kennedy) at Pixel Canvas with stuff by Tracy Little (background paper), Cheeky Monkey Creative (butterfly, string), Vinnie Pearce (world), and me (leaf swirl, patterned paper). Fonts: Destruction and Pegsanna HMK. Journaling reads: "Be still, and listen to the beat of the world, where play is a dance of joy."

And finally, mostly for fun, Oh?:

Heather Taylor, Oh?

A nice construction site at the beach...

Credits: Everything at Pixel Canvas. Template by Vinnie Pearce (for Pencil Lines). Background is a blend of Ashley Kennedy Designs (A Walk In The Park) and ViVa Artistries (Contemplation). Stitching and light photo background by Heather T. (Always Time), leaf and staple by Vinnie Pearce (Decorative Page Prompts). Dark photo mat by Vinnie Pearce (Pieces of Me II). Truck by Vinnie Pearce (Bucket Full of Sunshine), and heart from the Preserve It Collab (Vinnie Pearce, Fei-Fei's Stuff, and Catherine Designs). Fonts: Sidewalk and Report 1942. Allen promised: "I'm not getting dirty!". Uh huh.


  1. cool stuff heather!

    stop by my site..I have changed it a bit

  2. OMG - I love that Always Time one! It's just beautiful!


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