Thursday, April 14, 2011

3PM (On a Sunny Afternoon)

After some pointed remarks by the CT, I've decided to re-release 3PM. It's full of drowsy doodles and flowery goodness--even a little bunny! Perfect for Spring, any way you plant it...





Here's a layout I made for Karen with it:

And here are a bunch of other gorgeous layouts:

By  Lisa:

By Romy:

By Dady:

By Suzie:

By Soco:

20% off of course till Monday. Have a wonderful weekend everybody! I'm in the mood for SCRAPPIN'! =)


  1. :) tks yr comments my blog Heather! Your graphics are remarkable; you have long been on a roll....a wonderful creative journey.

  2. Gorgeous design and love the flow!


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