Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A New Hobby!

Allen's been taking horseback-riding lessons--just had his third one the other day, and already he's trotting off-lunge... I'm so proud of him! Here's a double-page I came up with:

(the credits are in the MScraps gallery)


  1. oh Heather this is awesome!!!!! I know this did wonders for my daughter she has sooo much self confidence in her now. He looks so relaxed!!!! Way to go Allen!

  2. Congratulations Allen on your achievements, riding a horse takes skill!

    Heather your art is amazing as per normal, I absolutely love that photo of Allen in action, seriously cool capture!

  3. Totally cool ! He looks like a natural.

  4. Way to go, Allen!

    I love horses... from a distance :D The last time I rode one, it strangely had the urge to run away like hell (with ME on it). So, no, no more horse-riding for me ;P

  5. WOW...Allen looks so relaxed and appears to really enjoy horse back riding. Good for him. We all need a passion and perhaps he has found his leaving the trains behind.

    Great photos.


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