Thursday, April 7, 2011

AlphaStickers (English/French) & DillyDally, New @ MScraps!

I bring you a fun set of large alpha letters that are decorated with cute "stickers" representing a word that begins with that letter. And, I've done it for French, too! The CT are making little charts and doodle books for their kids--so much fun!

Here's Julie's darling little doodlebook:

and a fun page by Romy (with Quiet Play):

and here's Elisa's fun sampler in French:

And I've put DillyDally into the shop as well:

By Jenny:

These are all 20% off till Monday, of course. Have a wonderful weekend, everybody! Allen's going to be 8 on Sunday, so my weekend will be full of frenzied preparations for family staying, and a party on Sunday. Phew! =)


  1. yippee - Dilly Dally is such a cute, cute kit!!

  2. What a clever idea. Do you realize how great these would be for flash cards for youngsters learning how to read? A very fun approach for learning the alphabet.

  3. omgosh, these are absolutely adorable, Heather!

  4. pussycat,
    your blog is oober fabulous!
    your fancy posts are rather delightful!
    happy blogging, you wonderful being! x x


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