Sunday, May 15, 2011

Horse Portraits

We went to the stables today for Allen's 4th riding lesson--playing around with my new camera!


  1. Wow.. love the one of the horse's eye.

  2. That first one is just .... WOOW !
    But they're all beautiful !

  3. ooh! I would follow you if I wasn't already, you have 99 followers!!! Next one will be 100!
    Gorgeous gorgeous photos! I bet you LEURVE your new camera!

  4. oh my...the first one is perfect!!

    I can't wait to do some shots of my friend's horses, I've been waiting for nice slightly overcast day because they are mostly outside and our sun here is too sharp..
    maybe some nice evening...

    well done you!!

  5. Oh Heather, your photos are so professional looking. For not having a super zoom lens your photo of the horse's eye is exceptional. I really like it a lot. I always wanted you to put together a book of the Oregon coast and now I think you will have to add a second book for photographs of animals and other objects.

  6. These are allllll so awesome. Mother's day is such a great holiday, isn't it? I'm so glad you got it. Your already amazing shots are even better!!!

  7. cool!! what did you get? so great to hear from you on my blog the other day. Always makes me smile to hear from you xoxox


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