Thursday, May 5, 2011

WhooooooooHOOO! INSD SALE & Papers Galore!

That's right--for INSD everything of mine is 50% off! Plus I have some gorgeous papers for sale--Simple: Colors (also sold singly) are paper packs with 10 solids apiece, each grouped by color, each of them UNIQUE!

You can get the 10-packs singly for $1.00 apiece during this sale, or the whole kit and kaboodle for only $5.00!!! Not bad for 110 papers, eh??

Here are some awesome layouts featuring these papers:

By Jean:

By Julie:

By Ulla-May:

and by me:

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and have tooooooooons of time to play--Happy Mother's Day to those of you in the US, who are mothers and grandmothers and great-grandmothers!

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  1. Heather these photos on your layout, the flowers, and the horse ...well they're beautiful. I wanted to ask, if I may use the horse photo..I think you labeled it portrait 3 or something like that. I would like to use it on an all about me layout I plan to make called "Beautiful...." about things I find beautiful. I will give you credit for the photo. I won't use it if you don't want me to. Also, I love this card above. I love the way you used the papers. May I copy this idea in a layout and perhaps a card? I will give you credit ,of course. Was this your own idea or a template? It's so clever! You wouldn't happen to have any pictures of your flowers and garden close ups that aren't in a layout I could use, would you? tee hee. I have always wanted to be able to shoot pictures like this. Now, after an accident 11 yrs ago and 2 surgeries later, I live with chronic pain and all of the things that go with that, so I don't rarely leave my home. I travel through picture snow.
    Thanks for your time,
    Scarlet 357


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