Wednesday, May 11, 2011

News @ The Abode

So today we were supposed to get the corner couch, and the wall unit. I guess one out of 2 isn't bad, eh? Here's the wall unit, which is awesome:

It's of course not in its final state, but we love it so far! The cats love it too--they have their own special little tunnel on the shelf behind the books. It's so cute!

The couch... was built in the mirror image of what we'd ordered. Which we only discovered once the poor guys had virtually dismantled the front door to get it in, then assembled it and everything. So, back to the store it went. Since it was specially built for us, I hope they can sell it off! I guess we get to wait another couple of months for the right one to be built... =/

And over Mother's Day weekend, we were up in Portland for another of Eddie's conferences. I took Allen to the Children's Museum. I was playing "patient" in the fake ambulance they have there, and as I was rising from the dead my camera fell to the floor, whereupon it perished in the final throes of bashedness, alas.

I'd *almost* saved up enough money to buy a new one, so frantic consultations were made with my online photographer buddies, the camera was located at a nearby Fry's, and then Eddie said it was my early birthday present! WHOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! It's a Canon EOS Rebel T3, and I'm having the best time trying to figure out what the best settings are...

Pics of new camera_01
After shooting pictures at the beach tonight, I determined I definitely need a zoom lens. The point-and-shoot was very grainy, but you could get up pretty close and do some nice face shots without being right IN the face (practical for little boys who give you the cold shoulder as soon as they realize you're taking pictures of them!).

On the other hand the quality (when I get the settings right!) is just amazing!

I also would love to get a dedicated macro lens for up close photos, although the ones I can take with this lens (the kit lens, 18-55mm [whatever that means--still haven't really figured things out yet!]) are pretty darn fine!



And I need a chamois or something to wipe down the camera and lens after being on the beach. And I need a dust blower already for the lens itself! But all in good time... Thank you honey for my magnificent present, once again!!!


  1. Those pictures are beautiful Heather! I have a lot to learn with my new camera as well but it sure is fun isn't it? :)
    I especially love the second beach picture and the flowers with the rain drops are gorgeous!

    Hug, Petra

  2. eeeeh, a T3! I'm so jealous!

    The 18-55mm is the focal lenght of your lens. 18mm is a wide angle, normal human vision is 35mm so the 55mm would be a small zoom.

    If you want a zoom lens, there's a 75-300mm lens that sells for $200 here in chile (probably cheaper in the US).

    If you don't want to spend on a whole new macro lens, I'd recommend you this Macro add-on from Photojojo. You add it to your current lens and... voilá! instant macro.

    If you have any questions about cameras I'd be glad to help. I'm no pro, but I had a Photography 101 course at school :)

  3. ooo...I can't wait for you beach photos!!

  4. Congrats, I love your photos and feel that I can just touch the flower on the screen.


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