Thursday, May 8, 2008

Channel Masks

Here's a layout I made from the new kit--I was worried that there wouldn't be enough "masculine" stuff, but it actually worked out quite well! Here's Allen getting down and dirty while we wait to pick up our doggie from chemotherapy... Fonts: nu-century-gothic and butterbrotpapier. Everything else from my "Floral Play" kit (coming soon at Aussie Scrapbooking). Journaling reads: "You've picked up this strange habit lately of filling your shoes with sand, and tossing them into the air. I get the benefit of the lovely patterns -- your eyes are squinched shut!"

Heather Taylor, Fling the Sand

And here's a tip:

To make the arrows, just "draw" with your lasso tool on top of the paper, copy, and paste! To repeat the exact same shape, which I did with the lighter paper beneath, you can create a new channel mask by clicking on the channels tab in your layers palette. With the selection still going (i.e., your ants are marching round and round), click on the icon at the bottom of the channels tab that looks like a little square with a circle in the middle. It will add another layer that looks entirely black, except for your selection which is white.

To get the same shape from a different piece of paper like I did, open the 2nd piece of paper, then drag that channel mask over to the paper. Go to the paper's channels tab, and click on your mask. Now you'll see the image turn black and white. Use your magic wand to select the shape you need, then click on the layers tab again so you can see your layers listed, and click on the paper layer. Ta-dah! Your selection is now right there, the same shape as in your other document! Copy the selection, go over to your main layout, and paste! It should create a new layer with the shape you wanted in the new pattern.

There are of course all kinds of handy uses for keeping selections in the channels masks, so it's a good trick to know!

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