Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm A Goof (among other things)

I *finally* finished the kit for Aussie Scrapbooking! They'll be "opening" next week, I think, and you'll need to register to get the kit. Not sure if registration is free, but the kit is!

Heather Taylor, Floral Play for Aussie Scrapbooking Dot Com

I actually made two kits, but the first one wasn't what they'd expected--they were looking for a different feel, and we failed to communicate somewhere in there. Such is the life of a graphic designer! So the other one will be up in the shop after a few tweaks, I think. =) Oh, and I own "" now--whee! Though it still points to the WordPress blog at the moment... Oh, oh, and... my first banner!! (ETA: Which, for some reason, refuses to work through Blogspot, so I had to make it smaller and it looks yuck here. *grump*)

Ooh la la, Artsy! Shop!


  1. Yay! Great Stuff!!! Now make a blinkie ;)

  2. fun STUFF!!! And yay for the AussieScrapbookers... Yes, make use of the one they didn't' want!!
    Yay for you! And how cool to own your domain name!!! Yay!

    *happy dance*


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