Friday, May 2, 2008

Layout Catch-Up

Man, have I been *busy* this week. It was the end of the month, so all my websites had to be updated, and our adorable lunkhead of a black lab--the one featured in so many of my "boy and his dog" layouts--has been diagnosed with lymphoma, which is of course terminal. Just depends on how much money we can afford to spend on chemotherapy; we're taking him to Oregon State on Monday to be evaluated. And, I've been asked to design a freebie kit for Aussie Scrapbooking, a site that should be opening by May 12th! I'm totally thrilled, and totally nervous. =) My usual dithering self, wot...

So, first up: a layout using one of my overlays, and a painted frame edge. I just discovered the large brushes included with PS CS2. Heh.

Heather Taylor, Egg

I think I was probably channeling Vinnie Pearce. =)

And this one was using several different photos in Kellie Mize's freebie from last week at Designer Digitals--she had this constellation of frames. I knew I wanted to use at least some squares of patterned paper (I used three, in the end), but placing the various photos of the fire pokers was kind of a serendipitous playfulness. This "technique" was a follow-up from a previous post where I'd also placed several photos into what used to be journaling strips--I find this severe cropping to be really useful when you have a ton of photos surrounding one event.

Heather Taylor, Fire By The Sea

This last one took me crazy amounts of time because I made the peacock. But to make the peacock, I had to draw all the flourishes. As vectors. It's all good, because that way I can reuse them often, but man, the initial work is huge! The paisley is from Dover Clip Art, though--turned it into a stencil in Art Rage and painted it with metallic green and glitter. Oh, and I made the brads--those turned out ok--and the "bobby pin" which I think needs some serious attention, and the metallic stitching around the edges. =)

Heather Taylor, Peacockitude!

Next week's challenge at 2Peas is with art filters, so I'm looking forward to having fun with that!


  1. oooo, I love love love! that egg layout! I couldn't have done any better myself with it! great job Heather :)


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