Thursday, May 15, 2008


Wow, May 8th... I've really been remiss!

1) Designing a new kit
2) MIL in town
3) Major tooth problems (so bad I don't even feel like scrapping today--what does that tell you! =(
4) Doggie sick, needs to go to lots of Dr. appointments. Poor doggie. =(

But I have been scrapping. Several of these will probably be used as illustrations for an article on typography in digital scrapping I'm writing for Scrapbook News & Review. Here are a couple more (I used my Botanical Overlays for both of these--I love how it makes the background just slightly textured!):

Heather Taylor, The Second One

We took Allen to the dentist's (hmm, that guy is featuring large in my life right now!) for the first time, and the latter was pretty impressed that he'd already lost both bottom front teeth, and that the first one was half-way grown in already--apparently that's not supposed to happen until between 6 & 7! My little boy... *sigh*

I have a bunch of little birdies now, too--I can't decide if I want to dress them up, make elements that you can combine, or what. =)

Here's a fun one that's totally different from my usual style, with a bunch of elements (mostly by Katie Pertiet and Lynn Grieveson) combining into a sort of fantasy feel. I was influenced by Vinnie Pearce's house layout in the making of the window frame and curtain, too.

Heather Taylor, A Quiet Fantasy

Oooooh, I just thought of a bright spot for the day: I'm getting my NEW COMPUTER today!! 500G of hard disk space! 4M of RAM! Oh frabjous joy, halloo, hallay! Perhaps I'll even be able to have Photoshop and Illustrator open at the same time now. =P


  1. yay to new computers!

  2. Hey Heather! wonderful layout! I love your floral play kit! You co-ordinated the colours so nicely! Are you actually selling now?? If so, about time! HUGS!


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