Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009??? Yikes!

Where, oh where did the year go?

Thank you all, oh you faithful readers and commenters, for making me feel like I wasn't entirely speaking in front of a whiny mike into a dark and empty room...

We're supposed to have sustained 70 mph winds, with gusts up to 85 mph over the next 2 days, so the power is pretty much sure to go out at some point. Just in case you don't hear from me till next Tuesday!

Happy New Year,


  1. Je te souhaite tous mes voeux de bonheur et d'amour pour cette nouvelle année et pleins de jolies pages.....

  2. Good year to you, Heather... and full of nice things for 2009

  3. So sorry I haven't been around Heather, I haven't even taken a peek at your store lately. I will try and do better this year. I love the rain kit, it's so cute! Have a wonderful New Year, I hope things will work out for you!!!!

  4. Oh heather I hope you don't loose power. That stinks...been there done that before.

  5. Just saw you on getdigiwithit and came to take a look, gotta say, your blog and layouts are an inspiration!! Thank you :)


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