Thursday, January 8, 2009

New In The Shop: Chinoiserie

Phew! I finally finished this mongo kit that's been clamoring to get out... It's mostly Chinese-inspired, with a few Japanese things here and there. 2 packs of papers with gorgeous patterns and textured solids, plus an element pack that's crammed full of frames, tags, calligraphy, beads, ribbons, and a double alpha with lowercase in one color and uppercase in another. Here's the kit:

And the two paper packs:

And the alpha:

And finally, a little layout:

Heather Taylor, Puttering

I hope you like it! =)


  1. wowerizers...this is awesome..if I could bow in respect from here I would.

  2. Heather, those papers are gorgeous!

  3. Love the layout! The blue is so striking-- all the papers are way cool. A+++++


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