Sunday, January 4, 2009

Couple of Cards for the New Year

The first is for a Zen challenge on OSA -- Nature is truly what gets me feeling the most spiritual, and the closest I can come to the cessation of busy brain.

Heather Taylor, Dream

The second features the 3 traditional winter plants of Japan: Pine, Bamboo, and Plum.

Heather Taylor, Pine, Bamboo, & Plum

All stamps by Art Neko. The Dream card was a little experimental: I cut a piece of manila folder, wet it down, scrunched it up in a ball, then laid it out and sprayed walnut ink on it and let it dry. I couldn't stamp on it as it was too uneven, so I took some white tissue paper and stamped on that w/Stazon, then glued it to the manila with Golden Matte Gel Medium. I then brushed over it with various Pearl Ex colors, and added a brad.

The 2nd card was stamped in black and embossed in clear on watercolor paper, then colored with a paintbrush and a crayon watercolor solution.


  1. Both beautiful. My favorite is the DREEAM card. Is this done digitally?

  2. Sigh.

    How many comments have I left here that begin with "Sigh"?

    I just love what you do.

  3. oh, I adore that dream card! Very Zen!

  4. la dream card est tout simplement splendide... tu devrais l'adapter pour en faire un kit digi !!!

  5. This is splendid!! I love it. You always do such beautiful stuff.

  6. thanks for explaining card #1 -- very neat-o!

  7. Card 2 looks awesome in real life too, thanks!


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