Sunday, January 11, 2009

New In The Shop: Project 365 Kit

Somebody at Get Digi With It was asking about Project 365 kits, and for some reason, this just popped out of my pen! The cool thing is the symbol/number font that comes with it. Because it's a font, you can make the words as large or small as you like without losing resolution! Here's what's in it:


  • 1 font with all the numbers, plus some fun doodles, plus the words of the week, the names of the months, and "day," "week," "month," "the," "of," "st," "nd," "rd," and "th" (for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.). NOTE: I've included a chart with the keyboard strokes you'll need to pull up the words--just look for the .jpg with that info!
  • 16 beautiful papers, 8 patterned, and 8 solids (the latter in a 2nd download)
  • 3 frames
  • 6 tags
  • 3 tag-sized papers
  • 3 different stitches
  • 1 arrow in 3 sizes
  • 1 birdie (use the papers to piece him into colors)
  • 2 ribbons (one filled, one with just the lines--you can paper piece these, too) AND
  • 2 layered templates in .psd and .png format

Sure hope it tickles your fancy!


  1. Wow, Heather... you've been busy! Clever & fun artwork! Makes me wish I were doing the Project 365... but I'm too lazy!

  2. How happy! You are tempting me . . . like I need another craft - lol.


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